Feather AT-22

    • Diameter: 1”
    • Suppressor Length: 18”
    • Barrel length: 10”
    • Weight: 30 oz Aluminum tube barreled assembly with aluminum baffles
    • Baffle options:
      • Aluminum
      • Stainless
      • Titanium
    • Standard Finish Options: Norrel Moly Resin
    • Bullet speed: 940-1026 fps results with CCI minimag ammo
    • Sound reduction: 111db

Feather Industries AT-22 . This model retains most of the features in our rim-fire line with the exception of the tube and expansion chamber coming off of the host barrel. Due to the compact design features of this unique weapon the barrel length is shortened to retain the compact nature of this weapon. Clean out ports are installed in the rear expansion chamber and the end cap is removable to clean the baffle stack and the outer diameter of the exposed portion of the barrel. Due to the lightweight bolt assembly and recoil spring there is very little bolt slap making this rifle the quietest semiautomatic platform on the market. By specific request we will make these weapons SBR’s requiring an additional transfer tax.


Price: $799.00


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